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Legal Services


Wide variety of disciplines at your service.

Specialised advice on commercial law and public procurement. We provide you with strategic legal solutions to optimise your commercial operations, contracts and public tenders, ensuring regulatory compliance and the protection of your interests.

Legal representation in judicial and administrative proceedings. Our team of litigation lawyers is prepared to defend your rights and interests in courts and other bodies, providing effective legal strategies and solid representation in litigation and legal disputes.

Criminal and economic law advice to protect your interests in cases of financial crime, fraud, money laundering and more. Our specialised legal team provides you with solid legal defence and legal strategies to deal with complex legal situations and safeguard your reputation and assets.

Comprehensive employment advice for employers and employees. We offer you legal solutions on hiring, dismissals, collective bargaining, labour compliance and more. Our goal is to ensure fair and equitable labour relations, minimising risks and protecting your labour rights.

Strategic tax advice to optimise your tax situation and comply with tax obligations. Our team of tax law experts provides you with customised solutions, tax planning and tax dispute advocacy, helping you to efficiently manage your taxes and maximise your tax benefits.


At our legal services firm, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of specialist services in a variety of sectors.

From healthcare to energy, industrial, automotive, sports, financial institutions, real estate, telecommunications, services and fashion, our highly skilled and experienced legal team is ready to provide efficient and strategic legal solutions.

With a focus on protecting your rights and interests, we work with you to solve legal challenges and seize opportunities in your specific sector. Rely on us for expert advice and legal representation in any situation where you need legal support within your industry.

We offer specialised legal services for the healthcare sector, providing advice on health regulations, medical contracts, patient data protection and medical liability issues, to ensure regulatory compliance and the protection of rights and interests in healthcare.

We provide legal services in the energy sector, advising on supply contracts, renewable energy regulations, mergers and acquisitions, and energy dispute resolution, to help companies operate efficiently and comply with legal requirements in the energy field.

We work with the industrial sector, providing legal advice on commercial contracts, intellectual property, technology protection and regulatory compliance. Our goal is to help industrial companies thrive and resolve any legal challenges they may face.

We provide legal services to the automotive industry, advising on distribution agreements, brand protection, regulatory compliance and automotive-related dispute resolution. We help companies meet the legal challenges and take advantage of opportunities in this competitive sector.

We work with the sports sector, providing legal advice on sports contracts, image rights, sports regulations and dispute resolution. Our aim is to protect the interests of athletes, clubs, sponsors and sports organisations in a dynamic and complex environment.

We provide legal services to financial institutions, advising on banking regulations, financial contracts, regulatory compliance and financial litigation. Our goal is to help financial institutions operate safely and comply with legal requirements in the financial sector.

We provide legal services in the real estate sector, advising on real estate transactions, lease agreements, due diligence and dispute resolution related to real estate. Our goal is to protect clients' interests at all stages of real estate transactions.

We work in the telecoms sector, providing legal advice on telecoms contracts, telecoms regulation, data protection and telecoms dispute resolution. We help telecoms companies navigate a complex and constantly evolving legal environment.

We offer legal services to companies in various service sectors, providing advice on commercial contracts, regulatory compliance, data protection and dispute resolution. Our goal is to help service companies operate efficiently and protect their legal interests.

We work with the fashion industry, providing legal services in intellectual property, design and manufacturing contracts, trademarks and copyright protection. We help protect the creativity and commercial interests of designers, brands and companies in the fashion industry.

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The team that makes up the ATRAM Group in its various
has a long track record in the field of commercial law.
consultancy, advice, investment and business management.

A solid, multidisciplinary team, always focused on achieving
the objectives of our clients.

  • Partners of leading law firms and secretaries of boards of directors of well-known companies
  • Executives of relevant national and multinational companies.
  • Partners and associates of strategic consultancy firms, private equities and investment houses

Founder of GRUPO ATRAM

Vicente Bort

More than 15 years of experience in senior management in various national and multinational companies. Specialist in the development and implementation of strategic and business plans, change management, digital transformation and M&A processes.

I started my professional career in the international area of the Banco Central HispanoThe two of them were hired by ABN AMRO Bank, dwhere he held general management positions in the parabank products entity, Amstel Lease and Lease Plan, executing, among others, carve-out operations worth €400 million or the merger with Dial (Barclays Group) where we reached €1.2 trillion in assets in 2001.

In 2002 I was appointed CEO of Siemens Financial Services.The company has been leading and syndicating for eight years recognised operations in the telecommunications, industrial, energy and health sectors.

In 2010 he founded the ATRAM Group having managed more than 100 consulting and M&A projects, including Interim Management for two years in a major service company with more than 25,000 employees.

Member of various advisory boards and lecturer.

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