Our operations

Current M&A projects

Domino Project

IT sector

Leading company in telematic services in the automotive sector with banking and credit institutions clients.

Timber Project

Industrial/services sector

Build-up in a leading company in the coffin manufacturing and marketing sector

Pretium Project

Distribution sector

Leading company and reference in wholesale distribution of all types of office material, with consolidated business.

Bruno Project

Food sector

Godello winery for sale with more than 40 national and international awards.

Python Project

Distribution sector

Local hardware and construction material trading company with more than 50.000 references.

Project Jack

Service sector

Renowned safety signage manufacturer

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New projects underway

security, manufacturing, industrial, consultancy and services sector

Types of consultancy and M&A projects undertaken

For two important national groups - one is a listed company and the other is a top 5 company in Spain in terms of brand recognition - we have carried out valuations, identified locations and implemented plans.

We have helped a large number of managers and entrepreneurs in their internal analysis of where they want to take their company, the milestones for implementation as well as the road ahead, identifying the levers of change and potential risks, and accompanying them throughout the project.

With a simple methodology that covers 10 steps and prioritises three fundamental aspects - business, processes and people - we have accompanied more than 10 companies throughout the development of their incorporation.

Being sector agnostic, in the last 5 years we have been able to execute with a success rate of 100% more than 20 projects of purchase or sale of companies, bringing a Big4 methodology to the Spanish SME - moving away from the concept of intermediary or commission agents - with a proven working methodology.

As the ATRAM Group team has held management positions in various companies, we understand that people must be the cornerstone on which any type of business decision pivots.

For this reason, not only in the structures described above, but also in a multitude of projects, we have implemented our own methodology called EFITHIENTIA, which combines productivity and efficiency criteria, accompanying the professionals on whom it has an impact.

Founder of GRUPO ATRAM

Vicente Bort

More than 15 years of experience in senior management in various national and multinational companies. Specialist in the development and implementation of strategic and business plans, change management, digital transformation and M&A processes.

I started my professional career in the international area of the Banco Central HispanoThe two of them were hired by ABN AMRO Bank, dwhere he held general management positions in the parabank products entity, Amstel Lease and Lease Plan, executing, among others, carve-out operations worth €400 million or the merger with Dial (Barclays Group) where we reached €1.2 trillion in assets in 2001.

In 2002 I was appointed CEO of Siemens Financial Services.The company has been leading and syndicating for eight years recognised operations in the telecommunications, industrial, energy and health sectors.

In 2010 he founded the ATRAM Group having managed more than 100 consulting and M&A projects, including Interim Management for two years in a major service company with more than 25,000 employees.

Member of various advisory boards and lecturer.

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